The Crown


This is probably one of my favorite series all year. I’ve had a deep love for the more ancient history of the English since I was a kid, reading a fictionalized diary of the first Elizabeth, but I’d never given much thought to the modern royals. As far as I was concerned, the interesting bits had ended with Queen Victoria’s children and their complicated intermarriage into most of the monarchies in Europe.

Little did I imagine that The Crown would steal my heart. Claire Foy is lovely and poised as the Queen, and Matt Smith brings the boyish Prince Phillip to life. The pair is wonderfully human in this series, in a way that almost feels sacrilegious at times, like when we see the Queen confess to her husband that he is the only man she has ever loved, but can he honestly say the same about her?

I highly recommend this series even if you have no interest in the royals or England, as it’s just so well acted. It’s a great study of history, the power plays involved in being a monarch, and the flesh and blood person behind the crown.



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