Star Trek Beyond


Having never seen the original movies or the TV series, I can’t speak about Star Trek Beyond and how it fits into or compares to the larger franchise.

That being said, in terms of the reboot movies, this one is by far my favorite, and from what I’ve heard, by far the one most loyal to the original material.

Beyond felt darker than it’s immediate predecessors- in a good way. Watching it, you felt like there was more at stake, like the Enterprise really could be doomed. Though I knew that Kirk would still somehow make it out just fine, there were moments where I genuinely didn’t know what would happen next.

Of course, in the end, Kirk is saved in the nick of time, the baddie goes down in typical self-consuming fashion, and everyone is saved, living on to fight another day. Nothing that you couldn’t have predicted from the trailer, yet a highly enjoyable romp through space nevertheless.

Even if you’re not a Trekkie or a fan of comic movies, you’ll find something to enjoy. I found Simon Pegg to be particularly fun to watch, and Jaylah was a hugely welcome addition. I hope she’s back for the next movie, and that they continue giving us more Scotty/Jaylah scenes.




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