This is a show that I did not expect to like. I initially watched it out of boredom when it first premiered and found myself surprisingly drawn in. Yes, the premise is unoriginal, yes the Wyatt soldier guy’s character is so very stereotypical, and yes, Lucy can’t possibly know such intricate details, even if she is a history professor.

The criticism of this series is incredibly valid. It excruciatingly limits itself only to American history. As a history fiend, I find this awful. Stretching the time and geography would enrich the plot and world of this series immensely. I can only hope that they will do so in the second season.

On the whole, Timeless is a fun way to spend an hour, but not a particularly enthralling or thrilling way. We know that our heroes will escape in the nick of time, every time, we know they won’t kill Flynn, and we know that Lucy and Wyatt will eventually have a love connection.

Still, I was expecting it to be a lot worse. It’s saved by decent acting and fine pacing, but make no mistake- there’s nothing great about this series yet.


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