Down With Love


I enjoyed most of this movie. It’s a funny pastiche of the sappy romance movies where everything, no matter how improbable, manages to get resolved just in the nick of time.

My only complaint is that towards the end, especially with Barbara Novak’s grand speech, it got to be a little bit too wordy, and carried the pastiche a bit too far. The subtlety that had been at play throughout the whole movie suddenly became an unwelcome sledgehammer.

Nevertheless, it was a fine watch. It reminded me of just how cute Ewan MacGregor could be, and even made me anticipate a good showing from Renee Zellwegger in her upcoming Bridget Jones installment (though I’m still not excited for that movie- why on earth movie executives think we need to see a third Bridget Jones is beyond me). Still, I doubt I’ll ever purposefully rewatch this.


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