The Catch


This show provided a much-needed introduction to two great stars who I’ve heard a lot about but never seen perform- Peter Krause and Mirielle Enos.

With a fluffy plot and stylish panache, The Catch is a fun romp through the world of gentlemen bandits and gangsters. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a welcome respite from a TV world where each show is trying to be darker and grittier than the next (re: Hannibal). 

The Catch is simply fun to watch- mildly suspenseful perhaps, but really just fun. There’s not much substance to it, but we all need a little cotton candy once in a while.

It’s hard to imagine what the show was before it’s retooling by Shonda Rhimes. A separate pilot was shot first with a different man as the lead and a character named Zoe as his mistress played by Bethany Joy Lenz, who I presume was retooled into Margot.

In comparing the trailer for the original and the retooled pilot, the first one makes me cringe, especially now that I’ve seen the whole of the retooled series. The original actor seems too young, Lenz’s hair too artificial, Enos’ style horribly old-fashioned. Which is mildly ironic, considering that the retooled series has an old-fashioned ’60s feel to it.

All I can say is- thank god they recast it. The Catch won’t ever come near being one of my favorite shows, but it’s certainly better than what I suspect the alternative would have been.


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