Men in Black

I’d recently watched The Kingsman: Secret Service, and couldn’t help feeling a little deja vu. It was a good, fun, old-style spy flick that pokes fun at itself a bit, but something about it felt familiar. And then someone mentioned Men in Black. Now, to my recollection, I didn’t think I had seen this movie before, but wow are the two similar. The basic premise of Kingsman is pretty much lifted from Men in Black, and the only obviously missing part are the aliens.

While watching (or re-watching) Men in Black, I was surprised by how good Will Smith was. The only movie I’ve seen of his is Hitch, and now I’m feeling like maybe I’ve been missing out. Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make a great pair, and the script does a great job of keeping the story both crazy and grounded. I’m still kind of surprised by just how much I liked this movie. But it’s ridiculously famous for a reason, right?


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