American Psycho

I’ve been avoiding this movie ever since I read the book in high school. I expected that they wouldn’t include everything from the book in the movie- that would be too much gore, even for an R rating probably- but still, I didn’t have a great desire to see the horrors I had already visualized while reading. This coming from someone who has had a deep love of mystery novels and shows since childhood- but there’s just something about the thriller/horror genre that I’ve never liked, and that this seemed to skate too close to.

Yet here I am, reviewing American Psycho anyway. Set in NYC and starring Christian Bale, with Reese Witherspoon as his fiancee, the movie about a serial killer who eats and maims people. Thankfully, none of that was shown on screen, and there was surprisingly little gore, compared to what I had envisioned. Despite confessing his crimes several times and one girl almost getting free, Patrick Bateman ultimately gets away scot-free and almost in a better position than he began. It’s an interesting look at the vapid lifestyle and cross-talking echelon that allows Bateman to go unheard and unseen, with obviously great performances by the actors.


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