What a cute and funny little movie. Set in a small village in France, the movie centers around a chocolatier and her daughter as they combat the fastidious mayor who can’t help sermonizing, and the set ways of the village. With a kind look at life and a little bit of the mythical thrown in, this movie is an enjoyable two hours that flies by.

Perhaps the most surprising thing in this movie was Johnny Depp’s presence- he seems so alien to the setting when you think of him as Jack Sparrow, but his performance melded well. Judi Dench was absolutely lovable too. And for some reason, I went into this movie thinking that Audrey Tautou was in it, since Netflix kept suggesting this film based on my interest in Amélie– she’s not, it’s Juliette Binoche.

The one question that the movie brings up that I wish it would answer is who Anouk’s father is- or even just what happened to him. Saying that Vianne didn’t know who he was just makes him more interesting, and the explanation feels hollow. I also appreciate how they dealt with the heady issues facing Josephine and young Luc.


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