Like Water for Chocolate

Ah, what  great movie. Combining the mysticism of old and the attitudes of the young, Like Water for Chocolate takes the viewer back in time to a Mexico, a world, that no longer exists. With a backdrop full of revolution and tradition, Tita struggles to find happiness as she is chained to her mother’s side. Her mother Elena refuses to allow Tita to marry Pedro, and instead offers her eldest daughter Rosaura, setting off a chain of events and unhappiness that lasts well past her death.

With a gift for cooking and imbuing her emotions into the food, Tita inadvertently causes her sister’s wedding party to vomit with sadness, Gertrudis to run off with the revolutionaries, and Rosaura to become as revolting outside as her character is inside.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable family drama- well-written and well acted, with a tragic and melodramatic end. Just when Tita was finally happy, tragedy struck. It’s a classic tale of forbidden love- although I can’t help but wish for a happy ending for Tita.


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