Inside Out

With an original storyline and an effervescently cheerful color scheme, Pixar’s newest film doesn’t quite live up to the image I had in mind, perhaps because I’ve heard so much hype about it. Set in the mind of eleven-year-old Riley, the movie follows the young girl as she deals with a preteen’s monumental problems- moving to a new city, arguing with parents, and the like. There are some clever manifestations of the mind, with  plenty of puns to appreciate, such as “It’s Cloudtown” and “That’s it, I fold!” but when the writers indulge in a journey to ‘Flatland’ when a shortcut turns out to be dangerous, they kind of lost me. Good in theory, not great in practice.

Overall a good movie with very clever writing and ideas, but not one that will live as strongly in my memory as Nemo or Toy Story.


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