Season 5 just premiered last Thursday, and to be honest, its been so long that I’d completely forgotten about Suits.

There was a time when I waited for an episode of Suits with bated breath, when I couldn’t wait to see the impossibly (it seemed) witty banter between Harvey and Mike, and the blossoming relationship of Rachel and Mike. Every week seemed like the perfect snippet of a glamorous life.

However, for the last few seasons there’s been a constant, slow downward trend in how good the episodes are, how much i like them, and how they increasingly feel staged. That feeling took over when season 5 opened with Harvey suffering from panic attacks after Donna left him, leading him to speak with a therapist, and have the issue neatly resolved in 45 minutes. I understand that the writers are trying to bring something new to the show, but the impervious protagonist undergoing a sudden crisis/meltdown has been used so often in recent years that it’s almost become a trope, if it wasn’t already.

As the viewer, we are treated to long scenes of Harvey’s human self-examination and Louis’ continued flailing about Donna. I like Louis, but sometimes his character is taken from comical to a bit ridiculous. I do like his new rapport with Donna, but I think we all see where this is going- to the eventual resolution between Donna and Harvey, where they will finally get together officially. No matter how many feints the writers make, this has to be the end game- otherwise, what was the point of starting this in the first place?

Season 5 basically keeps pace with what I expected of it. One exception was a horrible recurring joke that seemed out of character and stilted even as the actors spoke their lines (although I may be projecting my own distaste). I’m referring to the parts where Mike and Rachel refer to the engagement ring on her finger as a collar (at least three times) and Rachel jokes about being Mike’s property now. Color me uncomfortable.

While we’re on the topic of Mike- what was that haircut?? Please tell me it changes or they learn to style it by the next episode, because what a way to make a cute guy unattractive. Ultimately, I hope that the showrunners/writers/whoever of Suits  learn to execute good drama, not the predictable and poorly executed fare we’ve become used to seeing, but something that allows their characters to actually grow and change and not end up back at the status quo after a few episodes.


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