True Detective


I watched the first season of this acclaimed show and was a little underwhelmed, perhaps because I have watched so many crime shows so extensively. Nothing felt too new or revolutionary to me, and the pacing was a little slow- a nice contrast to the constant shock of other shows. The acting was pretty good and gave two great actors a much-deserved chance to shine.

So going into season 2 of the anthology, I don’t have great expectations. I did just finish the first episode, which continues the slow pacing of the first season. Another constant is the acting Vaughn is actually watchable (although that storyline- yikes), McAdams is good. My favorite part by far has been the fact that Taylor Kitsch is in this show- not simply because he is devilishly handsome. In Friday Night Lights he was lauded, but hasn’t had a major acclaimed role since, something that made me worry that his potential would fade away. Hopefully as the season progresses, he will get his moment again, despite the already so-so/forgettable quality of his scenes.

My quibble with the series, again, is that the writing is kind of hard to follow, in that the first episode has little plot, and relies on clunky, trope-like dialogue and blasé characterizations. It’s also heavily expository (here’s looking at you, scene with hippie father and McAdams).

Maybe episode two will be better?


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