Chef’s Table


I’ve been watching this miniseries throughout this whole week, and it has given me a much greater understanding, and a reluctant appreciation for the artistry of ‘fine dining.’ I’ve been rather prone to laughing at small portions and splatters of food in the past, and while that won’t change too much, this series showed me the underlying reasons for it, especially through the episode in Modena.

I often scarf down my food without appreciating it- Massimo has a great point there with his six tortellini and his desire to truly appreciate the integrity and deliciousness of his food. It’s a point well made- quality over quantity- that I wish people (myself included) kept in the forefront of their minds more often, not just in terms of food.

The episodes also made me cringe at the idea of fast food afterwards- I don’t think I’ll be able to eat pizza or Subway for awhile. Also, the cinematographers of the series have the same appreciation for the integrity of images that the chefs have for the integrity of their ingredients. It was a truly well-done and beautiful project to watch.


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