Blue Mountain State

Ah this was exactly what I expected it to be.

Why are there so many shows about American football? It seems so banal now- yea the boys are fit and cocky, yea girls throw themselves at them and there’s beer and sex everywhere. Woo. At least Friday Night Lights brought something new to the table.

I’ve heard a number of my guy friends mention this show, and I see the appeal for them, but at the same time I don’t, because there are numerous shows that deal with male camaraderie and sex nowadays. I could see the moments where I was supposed to laugh and think ‘this is hilarious!’ but I didn’t- which might stem from the larger fact that I simply don’t find most TV comedies funny. And I can’t see what makes this show so different- admittedly, I did only watch the first episode, so maybe I should give it another chance before I pass complete judgement.

But nothing in this show made me want to watch it again. Then again, I’m probably not their target audience.


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