Darjeeling Limited

Speaking of Wes Anderson…

There’s something so beautiful about his movies- yea, they have the law of three thing going for them, symmetry that pleases the eye etc- but everything always looks very clean. Just look at their train compartment- brand new!

Somehow, this movie wasn’t as exciting for me or as fun as some of his other work. I think the problem may have been the chronic tension- I just didn’t care that much about the mother and meeting her- and then she runs off again, of course. I was much more interested in the antics around and concerning the train, in the love drama with Rita etc. We only meet the other in the last twenty minutes, when the brother abruptly decide not to get on the plane and brave the tiger-infested monastery to talk to their mother.

And it’s just lackluster. With such a beautiful name, Darjeeling Limited, the movie doesn’t live up to my high standards of quirk, humor, and drama for Wes Anderson movies. I may have been spoiled, since the first one of his movies I ever saw was Moonrise Kingdom. That movie remains in my top ten, and will always hold a special place in my heart for how completely it captured how I felt as a twelve-year-old. And Darjeeling just hasn’t done that.


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