Silicon Valley


A substantial portion of my friends are involved in computer science and the mathematics behind it. Several of them aspire to work in Silicon Valley- and some of them also watch the eponymous show, prepping for what soon might be real life. I, however, have absolutely zero interest in this world or what it is like- it seems very hollow and fabricated to me. Despite this, I decided to indulge my summer laziness and watch the first episode of this show, which seemed to quickly prove my vague preconception.

Nothing much about this show particularly makes me want to watch more of it- it seems like its just going to chronicle the struggle of building the company while poking some fun at CS culture nowadays. Which I suppose gives some interesting insight to people like me who have little idea what that is or desire to be part of it, even through the silver screen- and that’s probably why I wasn’t a huge fan. The acting was solid though.


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