Critic’s Choice

So last night, Olive Kitteridge and its actors took home several trophies from the Critic’s Choice Awards, which is rather surprising to me, since I haven’t heard all that much about the show- not even whether it’s great or just ok. I know it’s based on a much-hyped book that I have yet to read, but the show itself doesn’t seem to have that much hype surrounding it. I wonder what makes it so extraordinary- especially since I clearly remember reading the back of the book and putting it back because it didn’t seem that great. Maybe I have an unpopular opinion, maybe I’m just missing out on something truly wonderful? Anyways, both versions have now made it onto my list.

I also am so thrilled that Taraji Henderson took home the award for best supporting actress for her work in Empire. Yes, the show is a little campy, trashy, melodramatic- whatever adjective you want to use- at times, but sometimes that’s just what you need. And Henderson was on fire as Cookie Lyon.


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