Somehow I don’t have that much to say about this movie. I really liked how it began and the structure of meteorological updates that came back to surprise us. It completely deserves and earns its three hour length and some stellar performances. The only scene that I didn’t like was when they all started singing the same song, which struck me as more creepy than poignant. Is it that that started the frogs?

I’m also so glad William H. Macy was in this movie- so far I’ve known hm mostly from Shameless. I wonder if this is where he and his wife Felicity Huffman met? I could have done without the cop though- he was mostly annoying to me and wasn’t redeemed enough for me to grow to like him, as happened with most of the other characters.

Anyways, I solidly liked and appreciated this movie. Definitely going to watch more Paul Thomas Anderson soon.


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