Ally McBeal


God only knows what possessed me to watch this late 90s show- boredom? melancholy? sheer stupidity? I read the reviews, I saw Wikipedia- I knew the consensus. Yet I still plowed ahead and watched two whole episodes- two of the most painful hours of my life. What were these writers thinking? First warning sign- a unisex bathroom? And figures this was written by a man- it just reeks of condescension.

I’ll admit it, I only watched the pilot and the episode after that- but even 10 minutes into the pilot I was sick of Ally’s moon eyes at Billy. Jesus Christ. I definitely could not stomach that for a season, much less multiple. I skipped ahead to the episode in season 2 where they kiss and where they realize they are not meant for each other. The kiss episode- eugh. Can’t even find the words. But I did appreciate their breakup in a way- although why is it about vanity??? What a stereotypical copout of a trait to assign a woman. As if Billy’s hair style change from season 1 to 2 didn’t signal the same- a combover is a combover is a combover, Billy.

Can’t believe I made it through two episodes of this. I also skipped around to understand the dancing baby meme/reference. Maybe if I was this age during that time, pre-‘Golden Age’ TV, I would like it. Maybe. Maybe the later seasons got better?


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