Arthur (1981)

This was just the comedy I was in the mood for. I remember actually seeing the remake of this movie a few years ago with Russell Brand, and only now do I appreciate how truly awful it was. There is no comparing the two- the 1981 is so clearly better- and actually funny, I might add.

Moore does a great job as the ridiculous yet likable protagonist, although I didn’t love Liza Minnelli, I didn’t hate her either. The film struck the right balance of comedic and serious, playing against cliches and accepting inevitable ones too (of course he took the money).

For some reason, I’ve always associated the title of this movie with the legend of King Arthur. It really has nothing to do with that at all haha- maybe Arthur’s caretaker is vaguely Merlin-like in his tutelage, but that’s about it- and he’s more fatherly at that. Is the protagonist’s name a nod to the legend or simply a happy coincidence that my childhood of reading the legends has morphed?


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