It’s kind of amazing that I hadn’t seen this movie until now- I remember it being on the TV guide- coming up next!- all the time as a kid. I finally got around to watching it today, and I started thinking about my favorite rom-coms and what they all share. Sure, I enjoyed this one- the male perspective, the suaveness of Will Smith, the comedy was good- it was refreshing in many ways, but so so sappy in some of its dialogue that I marveled that Smith managed not to laugh while delivering it.

This is not a post that is going to try to convince you that rom-com is a great genre- there are so many terrible ones out there. But of course, I love a slew of the well-known, well-loved rom-coms- Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing (grew up watching it), Top Gun (that singing haha), Bridget Jones (i know, i know), Love Actually (my heart strings just melt) etc.

I would have to say that my favorites, those that may be just as popular as the others but have won a special place in my heart, are: Crazy Stupid Love (surprisingly smart and funny), Pride and Prejudice (I just love Jane Austen), Romeo+Juliet (I just love young Leo Dicaprio), Ever After (a fairytale come to life), and What If (snappy and good dialogue- great chemistry between Zoe Kastan and Daniel Radcliffe- also who knew he could be a romantic lead?).

Others that I enjoyed and would recommend are: Chico y Rita, Contracorriente, The One I Love, Amelie, Sabrina, Ridicule, etc.

I thought about ending this post with a typical disclaimer: I really tend not to like rom-coms. Surprise! Just listed a bunch I’ve seen but I don’t like them? What? In my defense, I’ve seen more than my share of this genre and hated most of it etc. etc.-  No, it’s true, I admit it: I am a romantic cheese ball who tries to remain cynical and aloof, and fails utterly at it.


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