We Are the Best!

I’ve never been into punk music. The closest I ever got was a phase in high school where I listened to Sleeping With Sirens religiously- and still do on occasion, usually when pissed. That gives you an idea of how much I don’t know what punk is- like Pink Floyd? Something vaguely ’80s/’90s that was referenced occasionally but never really present in my life. So when I first heard of this movie and the buzz it had generated, I thought sure, it’s probably great, but I don’t think I’ll love it- or even like it very much- so why watch it? I’ll just take people’s word for it. But then, it a series of ways and through a few different people, the movie kept popping back into my life in passing, so I decided to give it a try.

I’ve ended up liking this movie. Netflix does a great job in its description- “…a trio of 13 year-old misfits forms a band, despite their collective lack of musicianship.” So true. Yet there’s something about the movie that reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom (Although I definitely don’t like this movie as much as Moonrise Kingdom, which I would include in my top 20 or whatever.)– that endearing eagerness- it’s managed to capture the feeling of being that age- 12 and wanting to runaway, or 13 and trying to find a place in the world that makes sense to you. Things that I don’t think any of us really stop doing throughout our lives, even though we might convince ourselves that we are adults, responsible, important. Deep down, we’re all still kids at heart.

Or i like to think so.

It was an interesting look at a world I have little experience with or appreciation for- although I did like the way they handled being a young girl – boys etc- not in love with the movie though. It was interesting, but I think I wanted something more out of it. I don’t really know what.


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