I really liked the opening monologue delivered by Nicolas Cage- what a way to hook you in. The next scene prompted me to wonder- who or which movie was the first to use a time lapse of the Earth from billions of years ago to the modern day, in their movie? I feel like its almost on its way to becoming a cliche, or at least a well-known trope by now- but I could be wrong. I wish I could remember where else I’d seen a sequence like that recently.

From the start, this movie had one thing going for it, and one this against it. The former- it has Meryl Streep- that means it has to be good right? Riveting, emotional performances that earned her more nominations right? But the latter- it has Nicolas Cage- conjured up images of National Treasure at best, the cemetery that is the rest of his recent movies at worst. But I had heard that Cage had some redeeming qualities and performances, that once upon a time he was revered and had considerable talent. So I decided to put away my preconceived notions and just enjoy the movie.

Ooh- other plus, Spike Jonze- who incidentally is married to Sofia Coppola who is related to Nicolas Cage.

I really like this movie. As the title suggests, it looks at how a book becomes adapted into a screenplay, by a writer, Charlie, who is an interesting, forlorn character himself- with a twin Donald. It becomes a very ~meta~ story- even more so when I realized the screenwriter of Adaptation was Charlie Kaufman, who seems to have based the movie off of his struggles with writing- which I both like and dislike-it’s almost a cop-out that is saved by the performances and the progress of the movie away from that in the next few scenes. I like the foil of Donald and the frequent tropes and cliches he falls into in his writing as opposed to Charlie, who struggles to be original.

Man, I completely did not like the part with the crocodile attack. Ugh. No. But I do admire the script for what it started with and where he managed to end it. And I guess now I have proof that Nicolas Cage can do solid acting work. Yay.


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