There’s something so cute about these two. Sure, they’re part of a kind of stale, predictable procedural where the end is always happy, sometimes slightly surprising. But the pairing of Boreanaz and Deschanel has won me over. It all began one spring evening, when two friends and I hunkered down in my house to watch some TV and drink a little wine. We ended up going through four episodes that night- I’ve come back to the show again and again when I craved something familiar and, in the end, positive- because the killer does always get caught. I guess what I’m trying to say is that despite huge initial reservations (for a long time I was half-convinced that the leads or stories in Castle and in Bones were related in some way- turns out they’re just eerily similar), I’ve come to love Bones in a way, mostly because of its flaws. And maybe there are others who share my view, since the show just got renewed for an 11th (!) season. I guess there’s always more bodies to find and murders to solve- which makes it impressive that the writers have managed to keep the scenarios relatively realistic for the most part. Hodges’ aliens have yet to appear.


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