Game of Thrones (spoilers)

I’m usually ok with getting spoilers, especially with Game of Thrones. I’d read the books way back before the TV series came out, but never made it to the end of book five. I forget a lot of the details of what happened, the intricacies etc. But the worst thing happened yesterday. I was just scrolling through an article on Buzzfeed about different representations of Westeros and came across a map of the changing allegiances of the lands. Of course, it had a spoiler warning, of course I ignored it, and in reading the key suddenly I saw Aegon Targaryen’s name. I laughed to myself thinking what an outdated map this was, when I saw Stannis’ progress in the North. Holy shit, that little Targaryen boy makes it to Westeros before Daenerys. Fuck.

The thing that always confuses me about Aegon is that we have no real confirmation of his heritage- he could just be an anomaly, a bastard with the right hair color and only a drop of Targaryen blood from some great-great-grandfather. It makes me wonder if he’ll be able to ride the dragons. I think Martin may be setting him up to fail, to have him conquer all these lands and then when his aunt arrives, and allows him to pick a dragon etc, Aegon can’t, and is exposed as a fraud. It would be a handy way to make sure Daenerys still gets her place on the iron throne and doesn’t end up marrying her nephew. But if he is  a real Targaryen, then we have the whole inevitable (in my mind) power struggle between Daenerys and Aegon.

And for that matter, is Daenerys crazy? She’s burning people alive and doing things that scarily remind me of her father the Mad King. Is it going to turn out that Westeros will be better off without Daenerys, and that in the end we all will be rooting for this Aegon boy from nowhere? Only time will tell I guess.

And Jon Snow better not die in the series like he does in the books, because so many people will jump ship.


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