The Odd Couple


I’d heard about the TV series and the movie awhile back, and decided to watch it today. I was in a bit of a serious mood and didn’t want to bring myself down to tears by watching one of the many dramas my friends have recommended, when I stumbled along this- although I have to stay, opening with the topic of divorce and suicide, even if lightened with some physical slapstick, makes for pretty heavy fare too.

It’s not until the forty-minute mark, and a scene in restaurant where Felix desperately tries to clear his sinuses, that the movie shifts its focus to the friendship between Felix and Oscar, and of course, the antics that ensue. It’s an amusing look at two friends who should never have been roommates, with great casting. Overall, a pleasant watch- kind of makes me wonder how the TV series played out, since it seems that they could easily fall into some common pitfalls with the setup they have (and probably did).


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