Novelistic Cinephile? Who knows

I guess at this point I should explain a little more about why I’ve chosen to watch a bunch of movies, and why my knowledge in the field is so sorely lacking, except for the rather obvious or classic.

For most, if not all, of my life I have been a confirmed bookworm. I first read Jane Austen’s Persuasion by accident when I was 9- understood very little, but loved it. So I embarked on my classics phase- Dickens, Bronte, the works- as well as a solid mystery streak where I tore through every Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie, and carried around a leather tome of the complete works of Sherlock Holmes for weeks until I was done with it. One of my friends once expressed concern, worried that I had gone on a religious bender in sixth grade and was carrying around the Bible.

Otherwise, the typical TV fare of Pokemon, Twitches, and Full House pervaded my experience with the small screen. Of course, I saw the regular Disney movies, but my parents were not big on movies by any means. I remember Forrest Gump being played on repeat, having my eyes and ears plugged during certain scenes of Titanic and Dirty Dancing. But for the longest time, my taste in movies was dictated largely by what was on TV when my father was watching- we were not, and are not theatre-goers. Which often comes as a shock to some people when they find out I live in NYC and have been to Broadway only maybe twice in my life.

But with the start of high school, I started to get more and more into TV shows- House was huge, Grey’s Anatomy was still in its beginning and better seasons, and I had too much time on my hands. So by the end of high school, I had started watching movies, but with little to guide me, other than word of mouth and what happened to be popular on Tumblr at the moment. And now in college- though really it started in my senior year of high school- I’ve finally made the leap solidly into film. It’s pretty nice to switch from reading a novel one hour to a film for the next two. There’s a certain harmony.


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