This American Life

I know a lot of people knock NPR- it has some kind of reputation that I haven’t been quite able to pinpoint- is it biased? liberal or conservative skewed? or is it just something old or pretentious people listen to? (Full disclosure, I think I’ve listened to NPR once in my life).

So when I heard about This American Life in my Gov tutorial this semester since one of the podcasts was assigned as a weekly reading, I was skeptical and didn’t even listen to it. Also, I found the idea of just listening, without anything visual occurring, a little weird. Even when I listen to music, I am usually reading, dancing, engaged in something else.

But after my cinephile friend ranted about it, I decided to listen to This American Life on the ride home yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised that I actually like it- it’s informative, fast-paced, and concise- and makes for perfect background noise in my everyday life (which I guess is how I would describe my use of music). But this way, I learn something while I sort out papers or cook, without having to look at a screen or slides or the pages of a book.

Dare I say it, I think they might have converted me to their ways.


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