Orphan Black

I’ve been with this show since the beginning, and I have to say, I’m a little saddened because I can see it going into a decline. I absolutely love and admire Tatiana Maslany so much for her work, but the writing, the portrayal of Sara especially, is showing some wear. Too often, there are some beats, some sayings that are simply repeated too frequently. That being said, I really like what they are doing with Gracie and Allison Hendrix’s storylines, although I really could have done without that dating app fiasco for Cosima- of course her date turns out to be suspicious and involved in Castor/Leda. And although I think the actor portraying the Castor brothers does a great job, nearly equal to Maslany’s, I do wish he was a little more attractive, and had a little bit of a closer resemblance to their sisters. Overall, still have high hopes for this season, and high hopes that Paul will disappear from the show for good one day.


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