Y tu mama tambien

So I’ve been learning Spanish since I started high school, and I’ve finally gotten a relatively good grasp of the language after being in Spain and Mexico for a while- which has opened the wonderful door of Spanish film to me! Of course, I still usually put the subtitles on, because a few words will always get lost in the speed of their speech, but there’s something very satisfying about watching and understanding a movie in another language.

I started watching this movie after bothering one of my cinephile friends for a list of recommendations to watch over the summer. And after being warned that “also fyi y tu mama should probably not be watched with family. LOT of sex. great movie though…it is a movie about death and the decline of mexico all told through this road movie narrative where yes, two teenage boys go on a road trip with a middle aged woman… and. things happen.” So, of course, this movie skyrocketed to the top of my to-watch list.

It’s pretty entertaining, and definitely deserving of my friend’s warning, since it literally opens with a series of sex scenes. Two teenage friends, Tenoch and Julio are hanging out in Mexico and end up going on a road trip with Tenoch’s cousin Jano’s wife, after Luisa finds out Jano cheated on her. One of my favorite things so far has been recognizing the names of places mentioned- and actually having been there- Oaxaca, Chiapas, Puebla. It’s so interesting to experience those places again through a film and an adventure completely different from the one I had there in Mexico City.

The movie also has this sneaky way of dropping very sharp observations among the scattered ramblings of boys, which I appreciate very much, since I don’t think that that is an easy thing to achieve without coming across a little heavy-handed. I absolutely love this movie for so many reasons- I think it may make it into my top 20- the acting from Diego Luna, the cinematography, the dialogue, the pull-away narration, even the ending (of which I was not a fan at first) is all pulled off so well. So much to admire here.

It’s one of those movies I’ll come back to re-watch every so often, again and again.


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